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Cardano: What is it and what does the future hold for the ‘green" crypto? - Proactive Investors UK
21 Jun 2021

Cardano ADA slides towards US$1 as China triggered crypto crash continues - Proactive Investors USA & Canada
22 Jun 2021

Cardano Price Forecast: ADA Rebound Unlikely to Have Legs - InvestingCube
24 Jun 2021

UK roundup: Cardano announces net zero plan - IPE.com
22 Jun 2021

Cardano commits to net zero and welcomes FCA TCFD consultation - Pensions Age
23 Jun 2021

Cardano commits to staying 'close to its knitting' as Lincoln rebrands - www.professionalpensions.com
21 Jun 2021

After Elon Musk Sparked A Dogecoin Boom, Ethereum Cofounder And Cardano Creator Calls For Doge Price ‘Floor’ Upgrade - Forbes
20 Jun 2021

Cardano and Now Pensions set 2050 net-zero targets - www.professionalpensions.com
21 Jun 2021

Cardano bridges the gap to China by teaming up with Nervos blockchain - City A.M.
02 Jun 2021

Adax will become a prominent trading venue inside the Cardano Ecosystem with the recent Partnerships - GlobeNewswire
17 Jun 2021


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Free criptomoneda bitcoin
Sorteo de criptomonedas 60 usdt por cada 10 usuarios.


Understanding The Background Of Capital Venture Card | capital venture card

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Understanding The Background Of Capital Venture Card | capital venture card

via Cards Universal. cardsuniversal.com/understanding-the-background-of-capita...

A Capital Venture Card is an excellent credit card for those who are just starting out in business. A Capital Venture Card is good because it helps you with the payment of fees and charges that you may have incurred in the course of your business. One benefit of the Capital One Venture Card is that it provides a 10-year introductory period on the credit limit. This means that during this time, you can make purchases as much as you can. Also during this time, if you have not already established a savings or checking account, then you must do so to open a credit line.

The Capital One Venture Card features a no balance minimum payback period, which means that you will be charged interest fees even if you do not have any outstanding balances to pay off. It also features an excellent credit line and offers cash back bonuses of up to two hundred percent of your account balances when you pay them off through your credit line. Cash back bonuses are great if you want to have cash available to spend on whatever you wish.

There are many advantages of owning a Capital One Venture Credit Card. One advantage is that it helps you build your credit score. The Capital One Venture cards have been reported by the three major credit reporting agencies as having the least impact on a credit score among all credit cards. Also, this credit card is the only one that does not have an annual fee.

To take advantage of these great benefits, you need to apply online for your Capital One Venture card. The application online allows you to access the information you need to make an informed decision about your rewards. You can read detailed information from the description of the different credit cards that you're interested in, such as APR rates and the terms of the rewards program. With all of this information at hand, it is easy to decide which credit card's suit your needs best. The application online also allows you to apply right from home, so there is no added hassle or stress to make the trip to the bank.

Even if you do not own a car, it is possible for you to take advantage of some of the incredible discounts and rebates offered by the Capital One Venture card. If you own a Silver Visa card, you may qualify for a free rental insurance plan with the Capital One venture card rental damage waiver. The sapphire preferred rate may also be an attractive option, as well as the discount on everyday store prices on groceries and other staples.

There are many reasons why you should consider applying for a Capital One Venture rewards card. Aside from enjoying special discounts and rebates, you may be able to avoid costly collision damage by taking advantage of the Capital One venture damage waiver. As an example, if you have an old vehicle that you would like to get rid of, you can apply for the auto Europe card to help pay for the collision on the old car instead of having to pay for the collision damage directly from your credit card company. This gives you the benefit of paying less in the end, which makes the Capital One Venture card one of the best options out there. By using the auto Europe card, you can enjoy European travel all year round without worrying about being caught in an expensive accident.

Great Ways to Use the Capital One Venture Card – capital venture card | capital venture card

6x on Hotels.com: Capital One Venture vs | capital venture card

Venture Miles Rewards Credit Card Capital One – capital venture card | capital venture card

Capital One Venture Card Review: Simple Travel Rewards – capital venture card | capital venture card

Capital One Just Made Venture Miles So Much Better, With Lounges Too! – capital venture card | capital venture card

Capital One Venture Credit Card 6 Review – Should You Open – capital venture card | capital venture card

The post Understanding The Background Of Capital Venture Card | capital venture card appeared first on Cards Universal.

What You Know About Goldman Sachs Card And What You Don’t Know About Goldman Sachs Card | goldman sachs card

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What You Know About Goldman Sachs Card And What You Don’t Know About Goldman Sachs Card | goldman sachs card

via Cards Universal. cardsuniversal.com/what-you-know-about-goldman-sachs-card...

“The New Goldman Sachs Card: An Inside Deal.” Is this the first time that an all female executive team at Goldman Sachs has had a Black woman on their payroll? Or could this be an inside job as in the entertainment industry, where all the men are credited as producers and the all women are credited as performers? Is there any connection between the two? This article will look into this interesting subject of the all female executive team at Goldman Sachs.

One of the biggest news stories over the past weekend has been the news that Goldman Sachs is being scrutinized for discrimination against black women. This story also has many layers to it as the obvious discriminatory algorithmic programs that Apple and Goldman Sachs have used to determine credit scores for minorities are now coming under fire. After the media blitz by the media and congressmen demanding tighter regulations of these highly profitable firms it is turning out that not only did they not break any laws, but the government is defending these companies because they use internal guidelines based on their own personal beliefs, prejudices and stereotypes. So is it possible that this whole episode has been cooked up by these industries large banks to curry favor with minorities and protect themselves from stricter regulation? The answer may be, yes and no.

Let's take a look into how the events unfolded first. Last Friday, Financial Times columnist James Freeman wrote an article saying that the current backlash against credit card companies like Goldman Sachs and others was “unjustified” and that these companies should be defended. In fact, he went so far as to say that the current crisis was “one of the greatest crises of the 21st century.” However, on the same day the same writer was discussing Twitter's recent banning of Twitter Cards in its stock trading app and making a statement that the company would no longer be using social media to communicate internally. This caused quite a stir because it implied that there was a break down of communication between the company and its employees. It also seemed to be suggesting that the company was trying to avoid having to deal with or improve its controversial PR after the recent hack that leaked the personal information of millions of customers and set off a firestorm on the Internet.

According to the Financial Times writer, a number of prominent economists have criticized the move, especially since it seems to be part of a new trend in corporate messaging. Specifically, the writer stated, “Many of these companies see an opportunity in alienating their customers by cutting their own audience off at the hip, literally.” Whether this is the case or not is hard to say because the company has yet to make any statement on this. Whether or not this is just part of a new strategy to attract new customers to the company's card and increase their sales remains to be seen.

Next came a tweet from Twitter user, @evye;” CNBC does a lot better at promoting stories that are pro-Goldman Sachs than stories which are to liberalism or pro-alysne. Maybe we just have to do it differently.” A little more digging turned up the following tweet from somebody with the username, @jakewelle; “It's pretty crazy that people on CNBC are more concerned with what other people think of them than they are with their own reputation. That's just crazy.” The original tweet had the subject line, “CNBC just made their Twitter followers mad about their gold coverage”.

When the dust settles, it appears that this Twitter storm was an authentic piece of the algorithm war between the social media giant and the New York Times. By monitoring the tweets of both the New York Times' Goldman Sachs and the popular tweetstream account of the Wall Street Journal, it appears that the social network company was attempting to do something to improve their image after the recent hacks that affected their reputation online. However, the algorithm that they used may have backfired as some users began to tweet against the company's efforts to improve its image, leading to a major dip in its stock price.

Apple and Goldman Sachs are being picky about who gets an Apple – goldman sachs card | goldman sachs card

Report: Goldman Sachs spending $6 to acquire each new Apple Card – goldman sachs card | goldman sachs card

Goldman Sachs godkännandenivåer för Apple Card höga eftersom de – goldman sachs card | goldman sachs card

Goldman Sachs Could Lose Money on the Apple Credit Card Barron’s – goldman sachs card | goldman sachs card

Goldman Sachs may lose money on the Apple Card in the next – goldman sachs card | goldman sachs card

Goldman Sachs stresses that it decides who gets an Apple Card – goldman sachs card | goldman sachs card

The post What You Know About Goldman Sachs Card And What You Don’t Know About Goldman Sachs Card | goldman sachs card appeared first on Cards Universal.


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Cardano allows you to easily transfer value around the world, fast. You can buy ADA on BuyUcoin and then send to anyone and anywhere. The cardano blockchain can be used to build smart contracts, and in turn, create decentralized applications and protocols. Additionally, the ability to send and receive funds instantly through, for minimal fees, have many applications in the world of business and finance.

Cardano (ADA) Banner. Block Letters on Orange Background. Minimal Aesthetics.

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Cardano (ADA) Banner. Block Letters on Orange Background. Minimal Aesthetics.

Paraiba World Deposits

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Paraiba World Deposits

Its important to say that when you send bitcoins to your ledger on Paraiba account, your investment isnt activated yet.

You will need to move your funds into portfolio in order for it to become active and work for you.

Minimum deposit to Paraiba account is 25$ in bitcoins. It is highly recommended for you to always send 1 or 2$ more cause of blockchain and bitcoin price changes. See More

Paraiba World Business Strategies

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Paraiba World Business Strategies

Belief in YOURSELF, change your mindset. Share the Paraiba World Business Overview.

Belief in the Company, (Trust and Enthusiasm).

Three C’s (Committed, Coachable & Consistent).
Again Belief in YOURSELF (Mindset).
This is #1…without confidence in yourself, nothing else matters.

Every day is a CHOICE to be negative or positive.
Once you believe, you will achieve.

Get Books, audios/videos, seminars, meditation, physical health, practice, avoid negativity, hang around inspiring leaders/people. See More

Paraiba World Payouts

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Paraiba World Payouts

You can use UX to exchange any currency including withdrawals in FIAT and the other way around.

In order to fully use UX and Paraiba you need to be verified KYC, so before doing any withdrawals please do KYC process.

For a withdrawal you will need to have a minimum of 100$ in your usable balance on Paraiba Account.

You then go on Finance page and click use balance on your ledger,afterwards you need to choose Out option See More

ADA text on cubes with up and down arrow

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ADA text on cubes with up and down arrow

💾 Marco Verch is a Professional Photographer & Twitch Streamer from Cologne.

📝 This image is available under Creative Commons 2.0 (Attribution required). Please link to the original photo and the license. License for use outside of the Creative Commons is available by request.

❤️ Donations appreciated

Paraiba World Payouts

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Paraiba World Payouts

You can then make a withdrawal on Paraiba World or transfer those funds to UX if you want other currencies or maybe do some trading.

Every transaction on Paraiba World has to be confirmed with 2FA either your email or Google Authenticator App.

Make sure you enter your valid bitcoin address in your profile preferences before you make a withdrawal.

Once you confirm your bitcoin wallet address with email code then you are good to go. See More

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